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Not sure how to use social media to promote your small business?

In the old days, before the birth of social media, business owners relied on traditional means of advertising - local TV ads, print ads, bulk mailers, and brochures.  These days, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn just to name a few Social Media platforms.  A more interactive, broader reaching approach to marketing your business is out there, but where do you start? Should you use a marketing agency that caters to small businesses to help you build and grow your business? Should you try to navigate this new world yourself? Letting go of any aspect of your business is hard, but sometimes it just makes sense to let a professional handle things for you.


Here are 3 things to consider:


1.) Time - Do you have the time or resources necessary to effectively execute a social media strategy for your business?


2.) Knowledge - Do you, or your employees, have the knowledge or experience to excel at social media marketing?


3.) Resources - Are you armed with the tools necessary to deliver, manage and analyze a social media marketing campaign?

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Time is short!  Most small business owners are not only the business owner/manager, they are the bookkeeper, customer service rep, errand runner, and more.  Why try to fit marketing into your already busy day when you can have an agency handle this very important piece of your business. Social media marketing takes time and attention to be effective.


Who knows more about marketing? Let’s face it - social media marketing agencies have it all - the tools, the experience, and the technology for creating, launching, and analyzing successful marketing campaigns.  Leave the heavy lifting to the experts!


How do you know if your social marketing strategy is working? Social media is cost effective; using applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, can be some of the best ways to build brand awareness, but are you utilizing these platforms in the most effective and engaging manner? 


Using social media to market your business isn’t as easy as you might think.  Time, knowledge and resources are key factors in determining the best, most cost effective way to market your small business. Sometimes it's better to leave this type of marketing to the pros!


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