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Every Journey Needs That First Step, Especially the Buyer's Journey

The buyer's journey is exactly what it sounds like, the path someone or some business, takes to get onto your customer list. As we are a Hubspot Partner Agency  we tend to lean on the Hubspot definition of the buyer's journey, but as with everything..

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Micro-Moments: Simplifying Life as it Happens

Last Wednesday we had a great presentation at our new office about getting local small businesses ‘on the map’ through Google Partners Connect. While Solomon Caw Marketing provided the space, Jeff Tincher from 610 Digital, LLC presented the material...

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Instagram is changing...

Instagram is changing the way we can see posts.
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Periscope, how can it work for your business?

The hype behind the scope.

Periscope is an ever popular video streaming app that Twitter purchased in March of 2015. If you are a business professional or an owner of a small business and use Twitter, this is an app you need to use. You don't have..

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The importance of local content in every social media strategy

What type of customers do you want to attract? Where do they live, work and play?

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Customer Service IS Communication

On Customer Service...

I worked in the flooring industry for over ten years. I’ve seen or heard just about every situation one can possibly imagine when it comes to customer service issues in the industry. The majority of the ‘issues’ are easily..

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Customer Service; the single most important aspect of your business

The single most important aspect of your business, of any business, is customer service. No, it’s not quality, it’s not price, and, no matter how many times they say it, it’s not location. The manner in which you, your employees, your advertising, and..
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The Best Marketing Strategy. Ever.

What’s the best marketing strategy out there?

Here it is: Take your entire marketing budget and give it to your community (Then quietly tell some people about it -the marketing part) Some people call it Cause Marketing. Others call it Community Giving...

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