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Is your Marketing Plan a Flip? A Flop? Or a Fixer-upper?


Marketing plans and reality TV shows are, in many ways, very much alike. You have your winner-takes-all, battle-till-the-end type of marketing strategy (think Survivor) where the marketing team and sales team are pitted against each other, constantly battling for conversion of leads. Then, you have the plan with only one goal and many avenues to get to there, which conjures up images of The Bachelor. But what if we look at your marketing plan with the popular house flipping genre in mind? Maybe there are good aspects of your plan that can be “fixed-up” and others that need to be scrapped.


These HGTV home shows take the viewer from purchase, usually a broken-down home that needs plenty of work, to final product in the course of an hour-long show. The end result is always a home that can be enjoyed by the client or sold for a profit, much like the end result of your marketing plan -a product line or service that can be sold for a profit. As we often see in our fixer up shows, the work could be done by the homeowner, but it goes much smoother with a professional contractor. Again, this is similar to a marketing plan being re-tooled with a little professional help.


Our office manager (@Jam2sweet) and one of our Account Managers, (@MrsJackieO), have recently binge watched Fixer Uppers on HGTV. The premise of this show is that home buyers find a house they like that needs help and the hosts step in and help them fix it up. They both love this show because they liken it to what we do here at Solomon Caw. Local business owners realize their marketing plan is not working well and needs to be fixed up, so they call us! We do the hard work and the results show in our commitment to our clients.

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Sometimes walls need to come down, other times a coat of paint is all that a room needs. With your marketing plan, the same principles apply. If your product is sound and can still be offered in your market, that aspect of your plan stays as-is. Sometimes the product needs to be tweaked as part of the new plan, which requires time, research, and more time - not a simple fix like a coat of paint. As a business owner, time is valuable and often limited, and that is where a marketing firm can step in.


A marketing firm can also help with those “added touches”. This can be creating new buyer personas or switching from Outbound marketing to Inbound marketing. The marketing firm can also help with the little extras needed to make your plan successful, such as blog posts or social media content. This content is yours to keep, unlike the furniture loaned to the home buyers on Fixer Upper for the ‘big reveal’. Flip.jpeg

So what if you have no marketing plan or your current plan needs to be scrapped? Another fun house-related reality show is Flip or FLop, also on HGTV. In this show, the home is bought, renovated, and put back on the market. The hosts of this show are the ‘idea’ people, the creative force behind the changes. Your marketing firm fills these same roles. Like the hosts of Flip or Flop, your marketing firm will find the best subcontractors, if needed, to put your new plan into place. These subcontractors might be printers, web designers, or specialty graphic artists if a full rebrand is needed. The marketing firm will take the time to ensure your marketing plan ‘flip’ is not a ‘flop’!


So, if you are ready to take a look at your marketing plan and see if it’s just in need of a fresh coat of paint or is a complete tear-down, contact us today….


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Written by Jill

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