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Is Community Investment Marketing Right For You?



The answer is yes. Now click on the Call to Action at the bottom of this blog post and we’ll make it happen. What? You’re still reading? You want to know why it’s right for your business before you click? Okay, we get that, we just figured we save you time because you’re going to click through at some point, Community Investment Marketing is that good.


  • Helping Start-ups get the word out
  • Involving/empowering employees
  • Organizing local giving campaigns
  • Tax benefits
  • Easily tracked ROI


Anybody know anything about that new business in town?

This is a question overhead at many barbeques, soccer games, or swim meets,; a question Community Investment Marketing can help you answer. Imagine the following:

“What new business,” Susie Q. asked, wondering if anyone was ever going to score.

“Wally’s Widget’s, it’s right there on the back of the other teams shirts,” Replied David G., “They’ve set up shop on Main Street.”

“I don’t know, but I think they took an ad in the yearbook, let me check.”

Susie digs into her bag and produces the soccer club yearbook where Wally’s Widget’s has indeed bought an advertisement.

“Oh, that’s interesting,” Susie exclaimed, “They make industrial shaped cupcakes; ‘The Best New Widget You Will Ever Eat’ it says.”

“Well, it’s very nice that a new business has supported the soccer league, we should use that coupon in the yearbook after the game today,” David said as the final whistle blew on the 4th overtime.

“If it ever ends,” Susie said.


Farfetched? Not at all. Team sponsorships in local youth leagues are usually cheap, always available, and it puts your name directly in front of the 12 families who wash the shirts and the hundreds of others who watch the games. Getting into a yearbook might be a little pricier, but also well worth it. The first rule of healthy community relations is to give back to the community that supports your company

But My Marketing Budget This Year is Set


That’s okay, your business can give back through you and your employees without spending any money at all. This is an interesting concept called volunteering and can go just as far as financial assistance, farther for some organizations where the need for volunteers outstrips the available volunteer pool. Pick a local event and challenge employees to join you as a volunteer; be sure to wear company clothing or hats! Some events will ‘trade’ sponsorships for volunteers, meeting space, or items your business sells, such as those cup cakes mentioned above.

We give, honest we do, every time someone comes in we give!

Through the door they come, hands out, smiling wide, looking for a donation of some sort. All businesses are approached by local causes every day, how are you to know which ones to give to and which ones to stiff? The easy answer is “give to them all.”

“But that will bankrupt my company,” you say.

“Not if it’s done with a plan,” we answer.

With Community Investment Marketing, your company picks one or two main charities to support. These charities may be special to you, or to your employees. Your business hosts or sponsors at least one event for each charity and also supports the charity through paired advertising throughout the year.

The smaller requests that come in every day can be satisfied with coupons for your goods or services. Many organizations will combine these seemingly small donations from many firms to a basket to create an awesome silent auction item. No one goes away empty handed!


I can write all this off, right?

Some of your marketing budget will fall under charitable donations, and therefore might be able to be deducted from your taxable income. This aspect of Community Investment Marketing must be discussed with a tax professional.


I’ve been tracking my Marketing Investment, can I track this?

Community Investment Marketing is very easy to track. Let’s say you host an event for your favorite charity. You and your employees are working the event as volunteer staff, talking to as many attendees about the charity and maybe a little about how your company became involved. An uptick in foot should be the result of the event and this can be tracked by comparing traffic from previous years.

Remember the yearbook coupon above? Those can be tracked as well, letting you know if that additional expense was worth it.

One last way to track Community Investment Marketing is to monitor social media streams for mentions of both your company and the charity. Pairing with the charity gets more eyes on your brand.


So, if you made it this far, the only thing left to do is click the link to download our Guide, 5 Reasons Why Community Investment Can’t Be Ignored.

Community Investment Marketing

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