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How to Use Local Content to Create Remarkable Content

You've finally set up the blog feature on your website and now it's time for content. it's time for content. Okay, now it's time to figure out where the heck remarkable content comes from...better? Remarkable is something that hasn't been done before, so writing about the six reasons your widgets are better widgets is just not remarkable. Writing about how sales of your widget helps a local charity (local being the important word here) is remarkable.

There are hundreds of widget companies, and many of those use cause marketing in one way or another. But you use Community Investment Marketing, keeping your giving local but still supporting a cause. From this partnership you can easily create content your customers are interested in reading.

Step 1: Partner With A Local Charity                             

The choice of charity is important. The organization you help can be picked by your employees, yourself, or might be one that walked in the door one day, randomly looking for help.  No matter how it’s picked, the charity should resonate with your customers. When you and your team talk to customers; listen to them. Try to learn what organizations they support, what events they attend, and use that information to decide how you are going to help the community. Make this one organization the focus of your charitable giving, but don’t stop helping other local groups in smaller ways.

Step 2: Attend Events                                                                     audience-945449_1280.jpg

Now that you have picked a charity start attending their events to learn what they are doing. Meet the people who volunteer, ask your employees to volunteer, and volunteer yourself as much as you can. If you can afford it, host an event for the charity, or take on the ‘main sponsor’ of an existing event. All this time and effort is paying off already as you and your employees are Tweeting, Facebooking, and uploading images to Pinterest or Instagram from the events. You don’t have to brag that you are there, brag about the charity and what they are accomplishing at the event. At the same time, the other volunteers are doing the same thing, and your brand is featured prominently. The one thing not to do is to make the posts, tweets, or pictures about yourself. Everything you and your employees send out should be about the charity. Your customers will be appreciative of your investment in the community.

Step 3: Ask for Content From Charity Board Members

The next step to find remarkable content is to ask the charity you are supporting for content ideas This could be blog posts from the charity board members about the charity or about why they are involved. The content could be social posts about people who are helped, animals that are saved, or environments that are cleaned up. Again, this content should be about the charity, your business will shine simply through the association. If the charity has an army of volunteers, as many local organizations do, reach out to them as well, you will be surprised how many are already customers of yours, or, how many soon become your customers.


Step 4: Edit for Keywords                       

The last step in all of this is to make sure the content supplied by the volunteers, or by the charity itself, follows the tenets of inbound marketing. With as much of the content you can, edit for keywords that increase the SEO of both your site AND the website of the charity. More traffic to both sites is good for your business and good for the cause you are supporting.

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