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Blogs need images, emails need images, and social media needs images…yes, you get the need for images/graphics and are probably tired of reading repetitive blogs about it. Plus, none of those blogs help you actually create images. And by help, we mean point us to a way to manipulate our own pictures or stock pictures for diverse social media channels. And please be inexpensive, too. Oh, and easy to use would be nice as well. Well, we found a program called Canva, but don’t run over there just yet, you’ll miss the cool stuff we made for this blog!

What is Canva?

Canva is an easy-to-use image manipulation software program. The program is free to use or you can upgrade to the paid version which allows for more functionality. Users choose from pre-made templates which are optimized for size based on where the image will be used. Choices include Blog Titles, Email Headers, Flyers, Posters, and much more. Pick your design, then choose an image or template within that design. You can use your own image or choose from Canva’s stock photo library, the choice is yours. Next, simply filter, add text, resize, or crop the image to your liking. Download the graphic and you’re done!

Choose Design

We’ll run through a design that can be used on most social media platforms. Clicking on your selection opens a new window with choices of layout on the left sidebar.

Choose Design.jpg

For this quick description, we’ll assume the user has a ‘free’ account. Some layouts are free, while others will cost the user $1.00.

Choose Layout

Choosing a layout that already has text allows the user to simply keep the image and change the text.


Since this was a free layout, there is no cost either. For demonstration purposes, however, we’ll upload an image.

Choose Image

Click the upload button and choose your image from your computer. Delete the original image and drag your image in, couldn’t be any easier!  


Add/Edit text

You can highlight and delete the text or remove the text box altogether,allowing you to add text where you want using whatever font and style you like.



The file can now be downloaded to your computer and used in your social media feed. 


Have Fun

The best part of Canva is experimenting with all the tools available. The description above barely scratched the surface. For a more in-depth lesson come to our Lunch and Learn on January 26, 2017. Click below to sign up.

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What others say

Canva reviews by the G2 crowd are mostly positive with the main drawback in most reviews being interface issues or slow loading. We have noticed this on occasion as well, but as Canva grows the loading speeds should improve even more since those review were written.  Something that is mentioned on other review sites is to be wary of the rights attached to the images used. Be sure to give credit where credit is due!


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