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Roger is one of the owners of Solomon Caw Marketing. He loves writing, swimming, biking, and looking for squirrels.
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Every Journey Needs That First Step, Especially the Buyer's Journey

The buyer's journey is exactly what it sounds like, the path someone or some business, takes to get onto your customer list. As we are a Hubspot Partner Agency  we tend to lean on the Hubspot definition of the buyer's journey, but as with everything..

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Inbound Marketing: The Solomon Caw Way

Read More, your one stop graphic shop

Blogs need images, emails need images, and social media needs images…yes, you get the need for images/graphics and are probably tired of reading repetitive blogs about it. Plus, none of those blogs help you actually create images. And by help, we mean..

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Why is ‘No’ the hardest word for some people?

Can we learn to use the word?

Saying no is hard for many of us, for many reasons. Learning how, and just as importantly, when to say no is important in both your personal and professional life.

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How To Give Back, With Very Little Money (and even less time)



Humans are mostly good, loving, and compassionate beings. We like to help out where and when we can. We help other humans, all sorts of animals, and many of us would like to think we are helping the planet we inhabit. It may be instinctive or may..

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Help! I Need to Market My Small Business


What do I need to do?

You’ve turned your dream into reality, or, maybe you’ve taken over a family business and you want it to grow. You know this is going to involve a lot of hard work, an incredible amount of time, and, let’s face it, money. The..

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Four More Tips To Make Your Newsletter Great

 This is the second in our Tips to Make Your Newsletter Great series. The first can be found here.

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Everything I know I learned on YouTube: Tutorials and Lessons and Webinars; oh my!

“Go to the library!” my mother was fond of answering when I hit her with one thorny question after another, “Look it up!” I grew up within walking distance of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, so it wasn’t a brush off as she had taught me how to use..

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Six reasons your inbound marketing may not be working: a quick primer


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Four Tips to Make Your Company Newsletter Great

Email newsletters can be a great way to keep your customers (and prospects) interested in your company, your products, your employees, and your community involvement. The email newsletter requires specific strategies depending upon your industry, so..

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