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LinkedIn don'ts: The importance of a professional LinkedIn profile picture


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Business vs online social media profiles



Nothing is personal (not even Jaws IV)

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The Walking Dead Marketing

Since 2000, there have been nearly 500 zombie movies made. Yes...500. There are seven zombie related network television shows that have gone up against The Walking Dead and each has fallen away. For the 2015-2016 season, The Walking Dead was the..

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Is your website your best salesperson?

All business owners struggle with finding a strong sales team. They struggle with keeping a strong sales team and they struggle with keeping a strong sales team happy.  

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The importance of local content in every social media strategy

What type of customers do you want to attract? Where do they live, work and play?

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Behind the Crow -a marketing blog with a unique perspective

Our blog mirrors our purpose.

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Customer Service IS Communication

On Customer Service...

I worked in the flooring industry for over ten years. I’ve seen or heard just about every situation one can possibly imagine when it comes to customer service issues in the industry. The majority of the ‘issues’ are easily..

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The New Business Owner's online marketing checklist

Ground Up Marketing Series part I

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Customer Service; the single most important aspect of your business

The single most important aspect of your business, of any business, is customer service. No, it’s not quality, it’s not price, and, no matter how many times they say it, it’s not location. The manner in which you, your employees, your advertising, and..
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The Best Marketing Strategy. Ever.

What’s the best marketing strategy out there?

Here it is: Take your entire marketing budget and give it to your community (Then quietly tell some people about it -the marketing part) Some people call it Cause Marketing. Others call it Community Giving...

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