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Is your Marketing Plan a Flip? A Flop? Or a Fixer-upper?


Marketing plans and reality TV shows are, in many ways, very much alike. You have your winner-takes-all, battle-till-the-end type of marketing strategy (think Survivor) where the marketing team and sales team are pitted against each other,..

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Confessions of a passionate editor: How to build a better blog

Ediiting a blog before you post is just at important as the conent of the blog. Did you catch what I did there? Your blogs are the face of your company, so you should make sure they are a good reflection. Typos, omissions, broken links, grammatical..

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Subversive advertising: new ways companies are marketing to our children and teens

If you grew up in the ‘70s or ‘80s, you were probably glued to the TV every Saturday morning watching cartoons. In between, you were bombarded with commercials for sugary cereals, the latest and greatest toys and of course, our favorite sodas. Kids..

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