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Jackie is an Account Manager at Solomon Caw Marketing. She is an avid yogi and a lover of all things pretty, witty, floral, and fun.
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Local Chester County Businesses want this to be your best Valentine’s Day yet.


There is nothing better than love.. No, wait! There is nothing better than love paired with chocolate! Valentine’s Day just so happens to combine both of these things and that is why we love it! When it comes to spoiling that special someone in your..

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Solomon Caw’s Local Chester County Holiday Gift Guide


Support Local Chester County Artisans this Holiday Season


The Holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year. We love the lights, the decorations, and the overall excitement (ok, maybe there is a slight hint of anxiety) as people rush..

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Understanding Social Media and how it affects the Buyer’s Journey

When you are practicing Inbound marketing methodologies it may feel difficult to know when customers find your business or more specifically how they find it. As marketers it is important to determine through research how your ideal customer would..

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What you Need to Know About How Instagram is Turning Ads to Art

In the six years since the launch of the social photo sharing app, Instagram, users have flocked to it in droves. Maybe it’s the filters that can make your selfie look perfect even if you’ve just rolled out of bed, or the way it makes us feel like..

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Everyone Seems to be a Critic These Days: Embrace Those Reviews, Both Good and Bad

We live in such an amazing time! Thanks to technology and the internet, we are in touch with far-away friends and family with just the tap of a finger. Many of us have a digital following of friends and strangers alike on many different social media..

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Valar Markhulis: All Men Must Market


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