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Every Journey Needs That First Step, Especially the Buyer's Journey

The buyer's journey is exactly what it sounds like, the path someone or some business, takes to get onto your customer list. As we are a Hubspot Partner Agency  we tend to lean on the Hubspot definition of the buyer's journey, but as with everything..

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Local Chester County Businesses want this to be your best Valentine’s Day yet.


There is nothing better than love.. No, wait! There is nothing better than love paired with chocolate! Valentine’s Day just so happens to combine both of these things and that is why we love it! When it comes to spoiling that special someone in your..

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Inbound Marketing: The Solomon Caw Way

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Blogs need images, emails need images, and social media needs images…yes, you get the need for images/graphics and are probably tired of reading repetitive blogs about it. Plus, none of those blogs help you actually create images. And by help, we mean..

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Why is ‘No’ the hardest word for some people?

Can we learn to use the word?

Saying no is hard for many of us, for many reasons. Learning how, and just as importantly, when to say no is important in both your personal and professional life.

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Solomon Caw’s Local Chester County Holiday Gift Guide


Support Local Chester County Artisans this Holiday Season


The Holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year. We love the lights, the decorations, and the overall excitement (ok, maybe there is a slight hint of anxiety) as people rush..

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Understanding Social Media and how it affects the Buyer’s Journey

When you are practicing Inbound marketing methodologies it may feel difficult to know when customers find your business or more specifically how they find it. As marketers it is important to determine through research how your ideal customer would..

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Is your Marketing Plan a Flip? A Flop? Or a Fixer-upper?


Marketing plans and reality TV shows are, in many ways, very much alike. You have your winner-takes-all, battle-till-the-end type of marketing strategy (think Survivor) where the marketing team and sales team are pitted against each other,..

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An honest insight

We love our Caw Crew and Jackie is one of our extremely talented account managers. We sat down with her and asked her a few brief questions so you can all get to know her better....

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Are You Connected or Distracted?

This week, we are pleased to feature a blog by Barbara Bergeron, owner of SOS Organizational Services. Barbara is a nationally recognized productivity expert, trainer and keynote speaker. In workplaces filled with disruption and ever-changing..

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